Another Art Quilt

I’m enjoying this new hobby and they’re great for when I’ve no time to paint. I don’t lay-out the whole quilt, but rather, I put

Art Quilts

Art Quilts I took a fancy to making a small ‘art quilt’, and spent a week raking through a huge bag of scrap materials I

Dalai Lama Portrait

Portraiture I enjoy the challenge of portraits even though I find them difficult to do. Extra tension is added to the painting process in trying

The Sacred Well

The Sacred Well In the ancient village of Scotlandwell in Portmoak parish, there lies a sacred and holy well, its waters as clear and sparkling

Dancing with Rainbows

Dancing with Rainbows This painting happened during a particular chaotic period when major changes were taking place. I followed the painting where it wanted to

Doric Ode Tae Wind-Farms

Doric Ode Tae Wind-Farms (Written in response to the destruction of the countryside in my area.) Move aside, get oot the way, Progress is comin’

Ava Maria

Gratia Plena Dominus Tecum Benedicta Tu In Mulieribus Benedictus Fructus Ventries Tui Jesus Sancta Maria Sancta Maria Maria Ora Pronobis Nobis Pecatoribus Nunc et in

Help Hedgehogs

Listening to a radio programme last week, there was an appeal to help hedgehogs and to make our gardens more hedgehog friendly. Here are the

Dawn Chorus O Mossmorran

On the 11th June 2011 at approx. 3:10am, Mossmorran suffered an ‘incident’ which woke up half the town, as well as several neighbouring towns. The

International ME/CFS Awareness Day 12th May

International ME/CFS Awareness Day 12th May Help Raise Awareness Worldwide Sat 12th May 2012 International ME/CFS Day raises awareness about ME/CFS, a widespread and debilitating

Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum ‘Hail the jewel in the lotus’ Om Mani Padme Hum can not be translated into a simple phrase or sentence, as