Listening to a radio programme last week, there was an appeal to help hedgehogs and to make our gardens more hedgehog friendly. Here are the links provided from the radio programme.

Photo by HedgehogStreet

Welcome to Hedgehog Street

Hedgehogs are declining and urgently need your help. Please become a Hedgehog Champion today and create your very own Hedgehog Street.





Help Hedgehogs

We know our hedgehogs are in trouble in the wild and although we are not fully sure of the reasons behind this, there is still something we can do to help. Just a few small steps that we can take such as providing food or shelter can make such a difference.

There are plenty ideas on the website to get you started but if you would like to do even more to help our prickly friend then why not become a Hedgehog Champion and spread the word by posting a link to us?

Have a look at this informative video for ideas on how to help hedgehogs in your garden.

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