TeresaMariaMy inspiration and images arise from mythology, symbolism, spirituality, stories and dreams. Art is our voice, our Soul and belongs to us all, expressing creative energy, it is the dance of our spirit.

I strongly believe in intuitive and visionary art as a means to self-expression. Everyone is creative, we only need to look at children to see the natural creative spirit in us all…to create art is to express oneself, this entails faith and experimentation.

I’ve exhibited my work in America, Czech Republic, Indonesia and South Africa as well as participating in many local exhibitions.

Projects I’ve been involved with include producing artwork for BBC Scotland’s soap-drama River City. Producing illustrations for a project in Medan, Indonesia which highlighted the plight of the Sumatran Orang-utans and I have produced artwork for a brochure for Amnesty International.

My most recent exhibitions were in Moravia, Czech Republic in the Gallery of Art Enamel and Cast Iron. (Kulturni Dum Galerie), and in the historical village of Culross, Fife in The Mercat Gallery.

My work resides in several Private collections throughout the UK, Australia, Czech republic and the USA.