Originally I trained to work in child-care, then eventually a rights and debt-advisor, I became very ill with an auto-immune condition which made my previous life impossible. The plus side of this was I took up art, something I’d enjoyed very much as a child, but disregarded as an adult, as so many of us do. Although I’m mainly self-taught, I went to college and achieved an HND in Art & Design, from there I’ve never looked back.

I love being able to pursue my interest in art. I especially am attracted to colourists, folk-art, and grass-root movements, I also adore German-Expressionism, Franz Marc being my absolute favourite. I love the quirkiness of self-taught artists; the work seems to contain a personality of its own. I’m not a fan of over-polished artwork, but acknowledge the beauty or skill of most art forms. Pen & Ink drawings remain a favourite as I remember my Granddad producing ink drawings in his leisure time when not working in the coal-pits.

I collect other artists work were I can, and as finances allow. I believe most people are creative, if they would just allow their-selves to explore. Everyone is creative, we only need to look at children to see the natural creative spirit in us all.

Recently, I’m enjoying working on a series of village scenes around the East Neuk of Fife. I love the quirkiness of fishing villages, the little cottages along the harbour front. Done in a colourist style, I’ve become obsessed with them. Absorbing, meditative, they take me ages painting all the little windows, chimneys, doors, exaggerating the colours to paint what is a happy place for me to be, to live.

I’ve exhibited my work in America, Czech Republic, Indonesia and South Africa as well as participating in many local exhibitions.

Projects I’ve been involved with include producing artwork for BBC Scotland’s soap-drama River City. Producing illustrations for a project in Medan, Indonesia which highlighted the plight of the Sumatran Orang-utans and I have produced artwork for a brochure for Amnesty International.

I especially enjoyed participating in a group exhibition in Moravia, Czech Republic in the Gallery of Art Enamel and Cast Iron. (Kulturni Dum Galerie), where I was able to attend in person.

My work resides in several Private collections throughout the UK, Australia, Czech republic and the USA.

1998 – 2001 HND in Art & Design