Art Quilts

I took a fancy to making a small ‘art quilt’, and spent a week raking through a huge bag of scrap materials I keep. I hate sewing and therefore admire all those folk who love to sew and the skills they have to make clothes, quilts, etc. This one took me a week and is only my second quilt, the first one I made was way back pre-2005, so its took me a while to get around to making another!

Elephant Art Quilt (2012)

The Tree Frog (below) is a painting I did, but the Elephant I came across in a charity shop and reckoned it would look good made up into a quilt.

Tree Frog Art Quilt (2005)

My sewing machine is 100 years old! I really enjoy using it, it is a hand-machine and sturdy. Needing a wee bit of a clean-up, but working well. Even though I was offered a new up-to-date machine I wouldn’t swap it for this one, it is great to use and I think of all the people who must have used it over all these years.

Singer Sewing Machine (1912)

In 1867 Singer opened its first factory outside of the United States, in Glasgow, Scotland. My machine (serial #F2598056) belongs to the Singer Model 99K manufactured from January to June, 1912 in Clydebank, Scotland.

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