Lotus Blossom

This painting took a while to complete, interruptions kept coming and it would sit for a few days, even a few weeks, and I would

Mother Gothel & Rapunzel

Mother Gothel & Rapunzel re-written by Teresa Maria Mother Gothel was my mother, my mentor, my friend…she was not of this world and didn’t always

Auld Lang Syne

by Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis. New Year, New Theme It’s that time of year when I feel like cleaning out the house, having a

Art Quilt – African

African Art Quilt This is another older piece of artwork rescued and turned into an art quilt. The image is based totally on an artwork

Twitter Art Exhibition

I’m really pleased to be taking part in an exhibition which raises money for charity by inviting artists to contribute a handmade postcard of their art.

Red Deer

Walking through the hills of the Lomonds, a Spring day, the hills thick with dew-covered ferns, a movement higher up caught my eye, a red

Get On Yer Hoss

Written for a friend Get On Yer Hoss Once upon a time… There wis a wee Scotsman livin’ in the land o’ Oz He did

Girl with Cat

This art quilt is based on a painting by Franz Marc. The painting was done a few years back, and I had decorated the borders

Bonnie Scotland

Bonnie Scotland Welcome tae bonnie Scotland, land o the wind Tur-bin, Ower by yon bonnie banks an by yon bonny braes, Please jist ignore thon

Abstract Life

This is the only abstract painting I have ever done. Although I enjoyed doing it, I kept wanting to create images. I enjoyed just working

More Art Quilts

This quilt uses pieces of embroidery I did years ago, which then lay idle in a folder I hadn’t opened for years. Its fun to


Auric Art An Auragraph is a lovely and personal piece of artwork intuitively drawn by the artist who tunes into the sitters’ aura. The term