Art Quilt

I’m enjoying this new hobby and they’re great for when I’ve no time to paint. I don’t lay-out the whole quilt, but rather, I put 2/3 pieces together each time. They remind me of my mosaics or doing a jigsaw, just building up the whole, piece-by-piece. They’re great for when I haven’t got time to paint because I can spend an half-hour here and there just piecing bits of fabric together and then leave it until I have another half-hour spare. Whereas, when I’m painting I like to spend time to absorb myself into the feel of the painting. It’s quite a different feeling altogether, although the quilts are also absorbing as well as relaxing. They are quite straightforward, I use a central motif (this one was found in a charity shop), and then I quite simply border it and match fabrics until I’m happy with the finished result. The final touches are a backing piece and fabric binding for the borders, tabs and bamboo rods for hanging.

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