Art Quilt – Blue Elephant

I love the Indian Elephant wall-hangings, so decided to try one out for myself. The elephant is appliquéd to the blue background. I used Indian

Vintage Shabby Chic Art Quilt

This quilt was made from an old patchwork hippy dress I had stored away. I had found it in a charity shop many years ago,

Art Quilt – Birds

This is the second quilt I made over the winter months, most of it sewn by hand. My sewing machines are all kept in my

Art Quilt – Bird Song

Over the winter months, I worked away at various crafts, I knitted blanket squares, finally making two small woolly blankets for my cats, which they

Tarot Blog – High Priestess

It took me quite a while to get to grips with the High Priestess, and still I can feel somewhat vague about what she’s saying

Tarot Blog – The Magician

In this rambling I’m choosing the Magician card from the Roots of Tarot, a deck I was very lucky to acquire, several years back before

Tarot Blog – The Fool

Recently I acquired the Celtic Wisdom tarot cards, a deck I’ve been after for ages, unfortunately no book, so therefore, I’m happy to interpret the

St Monans Arts Festival 2018

This was my first year in St Monans, and the first time I’ve taken part in St Monans Community Arts Festival. There were many activities

Crystal Tree of Life

Crystal Tree of Life Sun-Catcher How to make: Using strong wire, make a wire circle or use an old metal bracelet, I’ve done both, and

Art Quilt – Golden Elephant

Really enjoyed making this quilt. I loved the image of the golden elephant and it went well with some old cushion covers I had stashed

Art Quilt – Peacock

The Peacock with its shimmering colours, blues, reds, some wonderful embroidery from India taken from cushion covers, an old boho skirt, a multi-coloured top I