Spring Buddha

Spring Buddha

This painting started off as a black and white painting, with the intention of repeating a project I have been enjoying, Zendoodles. I had drawn a Buddha as a Zendoodle and I wanted to carry out the same idea on canvas with acrylic paint, it lasted for a day, and then I sneaked in a bit of colour, and then another and another, and the painting took over, and became an expression of the coming Spring. I noticed that the colours coming through were expressing themselves to match the yellows and greens of…continue reading →


Doodles, zendoodles, zentangles and zendalas, all encompass the relaxing art of doodling. Doodling seems to have been with us from the very beginning, we are always making patterns in our imaginations. When we are staring idly at the clouds, creating delightful shapes meandering across the blue sky, or making hand-shadows on the walls, the quacking duck that delights us as children or the scary spider as our hands crawl menacingly across the ceiling, ending in shrieks and hiding under the bedclothes. Scribbling away on our jotters at school, marking the desks, graffiti on…continue reading →

When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide: A Dialogue between Sigmund Freud and Nisargadatta Maharaj by John Komperda It was the spring of 1935 and an elderly Sigmund Freud was finding himself in somewhat of an existential crisis. Years ago, Freud had been diagnosed with cancer and sensing that his time would soon come to an end, Freud spent much time in introspection. Despite decades of developing theories and attempting to understand human nature, Freud still felt a void which he could not explain. During this time Freud started to loosen his ridged grip on his theories…continue reading →


Normally I like to write my poems in the Doric, this one takes on a different slant. I wanted to express how it feels to look out upon a wind farm every single day, how they dominate the sky-line and views. Freedom Freedom to look at the sky, to watch the geese fly by, Freedom to want green fields, to want wildlife to thrive, Freedom to want meadows not ripped apart by machines, Freedom to speak without fear of attack, Freedom to question dubious claims, to know all the facts, Freedom from spiel…continue reading →

Wall Hangings

Collection of Wall Hangings A selection of some of my wall hangings painted on primed canvas roll. Once the painting is complete I cover the raw edges with binding decorated with attractive ribbon, I choose the ribbon to compliment the painting. I use bamboo rods through the top sleeve to hang them and through the bottom sleeve to give the wall hanging weight.  There is no backing on the canvas. The painting can also be adhered to a backboard and framed, however I personally prefer to keep them as wall hangings.  I like…continue reading →

Twitter Art Exhibition Update

Twitter Art Exhibit: Los Angeles opens Sat. Jan. 12 at E.U. Gallery Twitter Art Exhibit: Los Angeles opens Sat. Jan. 12 at E.U. Gallery Twitter Art Exhibit: Los Angeles Curated by Nat George & Virginia Arce Opens Saturday, January 12, 2013 at E.U. Gallery Show runs January 12 to February 10, 2013 Exhale Unlimited (E.U.) Gallery is proud to present Twitter Art Exhibit: Los Angeles, an international exhibition of original postcard-sized art benefiting Art Division, a nonprofit program supporting underserved young adults (18-25) in L.A.’s Rampart District, in preparation for careers in the…continue reading →

Lotus Blossom

This painting took a while to complete, interruptions kept coming and it would sit for a few days, even a few weeks, and I would return again, trying to find the flow. My original intention was to show the lotus blossom within the heart of the Buddha, interlinked with all of Nature. I practice tai-chi and as the painting progressed, my understanding increases of the feel of the chi, playing within the dance, the energy links all within and without. The aura, the energy that surrounds us is the chi, learning that in…continue reading →

Mother Gothel & Rapunzel

Mother Gothel & Rapunzel re-written by Teresa Maria Mother Gothel was my mother, my mentor, my friend…she was not of this world and didn’t always understand the ways of the human. She came from the Underworld, the abode of those who weave the web of Fate. A powerful enchantress; and once the persecutions began, accused of being an evil witch by those who didn’t understand the mystical forces of death and rebirth. I should start this tale at the beginning, with my birth parents. They had remained childless for many years, before finally…continue reading →

Auld Lang Syne

by Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis. New Year, New Theme It's that time of year when I feel like cleaning out the house, having a de-clutter and quite simply bringing in a fresher feel to my surroundings...my website is no different. So here is my new look website and I hope it feels lighter and fresher than the last one. Now if I could just make a New Year's resolution to actually do more Posts I would be happy! Portfolio Press by wordpress-Devin Price Happy New Year 2013! Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns…continue reading →