St Andrews by the Harbour

Whilst researching for this painting, it was interesting to find several photos depicting the scene over the decades. At one point Victorian terrace houses had

Tote Bags

My latest collection of tote bags, all are lined, they have an inside pocket and a small outside pocket, the straps are shoulder length. All

Bass Rock

I will forever think of this painting as my ‘lockdown painting’. I started it at the beginning of lockdown (late March/early April), when everyone was

By the Lilac Hills

I throughly enjoyed trying out this technique for these little cottages set in a Scottish landscape. The whole painting was experimental for me, (i.e. out-with

The Auld Kirk

I based this painting on an old painting I came across by John Guthrie Spence Smith, painted in 1930. I also went along and took

Patchwork Tote Bags

A series of Patchwork Tote Bags I’ve made over the years. The first one was the Charles Bridge image, way back in 2014. Each bag

St. Monans Windmill

St Monans Windmill is the last surviving windmill in Fife, and it is thought that this 18th century windmill acted as the powerhouse of the

Colourful Fishing Boats

  These are my first attempts at painting fishing boats. I wanted to portray how colourful they look in the vastness of the sea. Also

Gathering Storm

This is my first attempt at experimenting with palette knives. I recently attended a workshop with artist Susan Forsyth, who specialises in coastal paintings, very

St Monans Art Festival 2019

This is the second time I have taken part in St Monans Community Arts Festival. there were 20 Open Houses with artists showing their work.