True Grit

Written for a friend

Get On Yer Hoss

Once upon a time…

There wis a wee Scotsman livin’ in the land o’ Oz
He did ride atop a muckle, grey horse.
She wis a canny soul, wi’ a wildness o’ spirit,
Wi’ a demon an’ twinkle o’ the eyes.
She dreamt o’ gallopin’ across the plains,
The wind a’blowin’ thru her mane.
And wi’ this she took aff across the land.
She ran wi’ energy an’ wind through her hair,
An’ the wee mannie, he felt all scairt,
The poor wee soul atop the horse, held on fer aw’ he wis worth!
She galloped madly ‘cross the field, a moment o’ ecstasy in her soul,
Alas, the man flew aff her back, landin’ heavily wi’ such a thack.
The mare she stopped in some surprise an’ looked aroond at the grund,
She’d almost done the man a cropper!
The man stood up shakily and checked his bones so carefully,
He’d watched John Wayne sae mony times,
So squared his shoulders manfully,
The words o’ past came back tae mind
Get on yer hoss…ya wee Scotsman!
He looked the hoss square in the face, and telt her he wisnae feart,
She blinked and acted all demur, but really it wis just a lure,
Emboldened he got back astride,
Straightenin’ his shooders, an’ glesses tae,
Pit his hat on his heid, sayin’ “right lets gaw!”
The mare she gien a wee neigh, heh, heh, and took off in fast delight
The man this time thought what the feck and hung on wi’ his new-found grit.
He caulled on the spirit o’ John Wayne himsel’ an’ slowly the mare, she wis quelled.
Slowly, slowly they were pals, she let him temporarily tak o’er her reins.
The man tilted his hat so jauntily, an’ they rode the hills o’ cowboy land.
Respect became a mutual thing and the mare she did acknowledge his Wayne-ish skills.
The horses they did hae a snigger when she told them of her vigour
The man he did feel tall an’ proud, he got himsel’ back of the ground
An’ wis prepared to ride again, an’ maak a hero o’ himsel’.

An’ o’ course, aw’ ended well…

The End 😉

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