St. Monans Windmill

St Monans Windmill is the last surviving windmill in Fife, and it is thought that this 18th century windmill acted as the powerhouse of the salt-pans, the remains of which can be seen in the landscape around it. It is situated on a bank above the salt-pans and beach below and is an impressive site.

The windmill is currently being used by the Coastguards, where the voluntary Coastwatch keep an eye out for boats that may be in trouble.

The Bass Rock often looks white, it is a bird sanctuary, and is jam-packed with various gulls. There is an old lighthouse on the island which is visible from the opposite shore.

I’ve taken many photos of the windmill, but was especially inspired by a photo which I came across online which captured the St. Monans Windmill and the Bass Rock from an unusual angle.

Update:- For Better, For Worst.

had been happy enough with the original painting… but… so, here we go, the update! I changed the sky and hills in the background, making them more harmonious. Added a couple of seagulls, and a solitary, wind-swept walker with her dog. Some touches to the sea, land and windmill, and I now feel the painting has a more ‘finished’ look. Hope you agree 🙂

Further information about the windmill can be found on the UndiscoveredScotland website:-

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