Tarot Blog – The Magician

In this rambling I’m choosing the Magician card from the Roots of Tarot, a deck I was very lucky to acquire, several years back before...

In this rambling I’m choosing the Magician card from the Roots of Tarot, a deck I was very lucky to acquire, several years back before it became a collectors’ item, I certainly wouldn’t be able to buy it at todays price! It is one of the most beautiful decks on the market, full of spiritual energy, evocative imagery, and seeped in mysticism.

Setting off on his journey, the Fool goes forth and begins to manifest his energy in the world around him, the Magician is the energy that manifests out into the world, the Universal Energy, the manipulation of those energies that surround him, willpower, skills and ability, focussed energy of the will, and determination to make things happen. It is as simple as ‘build the boat to sail the waters’, to a degree, cause and effect.

We make decisions, follow ideas, projects, manifest our desires, both positive and negative. What we focus upon becomes our manifestation, the direction we decide to travel in becomes our destination, and so forth. Can you see how this could be so positive for you, what can you do to direct your energy, the energy of the Universe to help turn your desire into reality?

What about negative aspects, my will, my desire can lead me down both positive and negative roads, I am manifesting all day, everyday. I don’t take Fate into consideration at this point, that can come later in the major arcana journey through the cards, for now, I am manifesting my will, my energy and choosing the direction I wish to go in.

The Magician is the Magi, the Wisdom, the Shaman. In the Celtic Wisdom deck, he is the Decider, yes, you are deciding, whether consciously or not. We are all a mixed-bag of positivity/negativity, conscious and subconscious desires. Perhaps you have decided to pursue a college course, but feel disinterested in studying, you pass the course despite this, or you fail the course because of this. It becomes your decision, what you decide to put YOUR energy into, what YOU focus on. The energy is there, being alive generates your life-force, your magic, your manifestation.

What about in a reading, well it depends on surrounding cards of course, and whether the card is relating to you or another. Are you tricking yourself, are you being pure in your actions, seeing your goals clearly? These don’t need to be large, impossible to reach, suppose I decide to lose weight and I set the energy in action, and then I succumb to a tub of my favourite ice-cream, the trickery has been within myself. I have had a positive vision initially, and then tricked myself into something else, but ultimately I can transcend above the trickery. I can direct my will to the best of my ability, with the tools that are available to me in all aspects of my life.

It is a card with quite high expectations, but I don’t mean for it to come across this way, I mean it more from the point of view of look around, what have you manifested in your life? If you are a householder, you will see all your furniture, all your household goods, see how they came together to make the home that you manifested, look at your children, your job, and so forth, energy manifest, it is how we interact with the world we live in.

The Magician has an understanding of how the Universe works. Manifestation and how we ourselves manifest this. As I sit here typing up these thoughts, which I will eventually post here on the internet, my manifestation is carried out via the manifestations of infinite actions by others, all coming together in this cosmic soup or ocean.

I guess I’m being far too deep on this, come back up to the surface, and quite simply see. Feel this card as the myriad actions and choices you can and do carry out in your day-to-day and life-long existence on this physical plane, through your physical mind/body.

The Magician has all his tools laid out in front of him, he can choose any tool, and any path he wants, the infinity sign is contained therein, infinite potential, an intermingling of the universal energy brought forth and manifested through the individual. Enter into the energy of the Magician, see around you what you have manifested, look at what you have achieved to date, what are you focused on now, where would you like your energy and actions to take you? Your staff, your focus is your will in action. Go for it!