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Recently I acquired the Celtic Wisdom tarot cards, a deck I’ve been after for ages, unfortunately no book, so therefore, I’m happy to interpret the...

Recently I acquired the Celtic Wisdom tarot cards, a deck I’ve been after for ages, unfortunately no book, so therefore, I’m happy to interpret the cards as a combination of intuitive and traditional interpretations.

Starting with the Fool, which is called the Soul in this deck, it’s a lovely card, as most Fool cards are, I always check out to see if I like the Fool card before buying the deck. The Fool is possibly my favourite card in the whole tarot.

I consider the Fool to be light-hearted, the light-hearted fool, happy and willing to leap out into the unknown, take a chance, happy, light-hearted, childlike, with wisdom, trust and simple faith in the Universe behind and before him.

(Pronouns, I use him/her, I don’t regard the cards as being male or female, rather consisting of male/female energies which are interchangeable.)

So onto the imagery, the Fool/the Soul card beginning his journey, beginning our journey, as in the birth of a child entering into the unknown, intuitively the card says to me that once the physical mind/body succumbs to sleep, the Soul is free to roam, to go forth and explore. The standing stone with the hole in its centre is a scrying stone, and it was said that if one looked through this type of stone they would see their future. The Soul is unafraid to pass through the gateway and explore the future adventure.

Compare this with another favourite deck of mine, the Mythic Tarot, were the Fool happily is about to step off the cliff and follow the dusty road, putting his faith in the Universe. The eagle protecting him, in the same way that the small dog does in the Rider-Waite deck.

In a reading I rarely see the Fool as possibly being warned to watch his step, rather I see him as an inner child. I have memories of my granddaughter skipping along the farm road, happy as Larry, her hair swinging from side-to-side with her movement, for me, this is the Fool. The impulse to explore, move forward, venture out into the world, to experience what it has to offer.

In the Mythic Tarot the Fool emerges from the safety of his cave, his home, what if he was to make a mistake, would it matter? How would he know if he never tried?  To acquire the ability to pick oneself up, dust oneself down, and continue forward. Surely it would just be a part of living one’s life, errors, challenges, what is the alternative, to sit at home, (yes, warm and cosy has its pleasures, and of course, we will experience this), but also to experience freshness and new possibilities has its merits in continuing to experience life in its infinite variety.

The Soul has taken his staff with him, perhaps in his journey to meet with his Magician, and learn how one’s energy manifests into the outer world.

The Fool reminds me very much of the Season of Spring, that freshness, new growth, the promise of things to come, warmth, excitement. Tread lightly, enjoy the feeling of warmth from the sun, as the child explores the new, emerging world, so the Fool proceeds forward. New beginnings, a breathe of fresh air, adventure.

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly. (Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton)

For Beginners.

Learning the traditional meanings for each card takes time, perseverance and repetition, it is worth doing because you get an overall understanding of each card, which transcends across almost all decks. However, alongside this, there is an enjoyable way of fast-tracking YOUR own knowledge of the cards.

Become the character in the card, merge with them and imagine you are carrying out the activity they are doing, be the Fool, imagine you are about to step forward into a new adventure, how does it make you feel?

Can you remember an incident in your own life that relates to this feeling, a personal experience, or from a film, book, family, friends? By doing this you relate to each card pretty quickly, and develop a connection to each card personally, this allows you to absorb the energy of each card right from the beginning, personalising it, expanding the story. Feel it, bring it alive.

As you continue to learn the traditional meanings, they are added to your own personal interpretations, giving yourself a complete, and expanding knowledge. Try it and see, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how quickly you absorb and learn the energies of each character and situation, and learn the whole deck quickly. Have fun!