Tarot Blog – High Priestess

It took me quite a while to get to grips with the High Priestess, and still I can feel somewhat vague about what she’s saying...

It took me quite a while to get to grips with the High Priestess, and still I can feel somewhat vague about what she’s saying when she turns up in a reading. By her very nature she is secretive and elusive, and not easy to get to know, she doesn’t respond very well to the direct approach, and will only reveal her secrets when she is ready to do so, and not before.

The High Priestess goes hand-in-hand with the Magician, he is the outer energy, whilst she is the inner energy, he directs and manifests in the physical world, she guides and directs from the inner world. If we still our mind, we will hear her guidance, her wisdom and intuition.

She is connected strongly with moon energy, the subconscious, the unknown, holding an inner knowledge and many secrets, unfolding to us what we need to know. When we seek answers to our problems, situations, it is the High Priestess who responds. Guiding us so subtly, we are hardly aware of her presence, yet we sense her there, deep down beyond the levels of our chattering monkey mind. Can you hear her? She is very knowledgeable and if we listen closely, she may just pass on her secrets to us.

Think of those times when you have intuitively known something, or an answer to a problem has been revealed, this is the High Priestess at work. In a reading the advice may be to follow your intuition, the Magician may decide to actively do something, the High Priestess will advise and guide him in the right direction. The Magician has been given the choice of four paths to take, the High Priestess will nudge him in the direction she intuitively feels is right, a hunch from the many seeds of knowledge stored within.

She will appear in your dreams, guide you along certain paths, a nudge here, a warning there. When her intuitive knowledge senses the road taken isn’t right for you, she guides ever so quietly, she has so many hidden secrets, only revealing what she deems to be necessary for your current journey. How do you meet with her? Through your dreams, the clear thoughts that pop into your mind unbidden, the intuitive feeling, she may even sometimes warn of danger, to be on the alert.

She reminds me of an inner ocean, quiet, deep, vast, occasionally her thoughts lap towards the shore of your mind, a knowingness which is unexplainable, the inner knowledge of your soul-mind. Quieten the mind to be able to hear her promptings, were she can reveal her secrets, not that she will share all of her vast knowledge, only what she chooses to share with you. She is not an easy card to get to know, but that is her very nature, elusive, unknowable, know her as your guiding intuition.

We have all encountered that feeling, a quick warning that everything was not quite right, but we went ahead anyway, and, lo and behold, our flash of inspiration was proved right, the situation would have been better to be avoided, or we’ve had a flash of inspiration to follow a path which worked out just great for us. The High Priestess is always watching; there is the sense of a deep, fathomless knowingness, she is worth listening to.

In a reading, she may point to following your intuition, or she may be making you aware of a secret being withheld, whether its you or someone you know. An ocean of subconscious knowledge, let her quietly guide you.