I based this painting on an old painting I came across by John Guthrie Spence Smith, painted in 1930. I also went along and took several photos of the Kirk from the same angle. After a preliminary drawing, I then carried out the painting in acrylics.

The Auld Kirk sits in St. Monans and the ancient site can be dated back to approx. 1265, although previous to this, it was believed that the site had been a holy site used by a religious hermit. The Kirk has been rebuilt or restored several times over the centuries. It is a fine building, with great presence as it sits upon a hill overlooking the sea. It remains a ‘working’ church with services held each week, along with many other church activities.

I love seeing it on my return home, as the bus winds its way along from Elie, and the church becomes visible from the road, I know I’ll soon be home.

Update: – Since writing this Post, I am really pleased to say that my artwork has been featured on the cover of the St. Monans Parish newsletter, Loaves and Fishes. The newsletter is published 4 times a year, (each season), and always features an image of the Auld Kirk, sent in by local artists and photographers.

For further information: https://www.britainexpress.com/scotland/Fife/churches/st-monans.htm

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