The Sun and The Sea ~ Free eBook

The Sun and The Sea is an illustrated children’s short story, re-told by Dundonain story teller Susan Lamb, and illustrated by Fife-based artist, Teresa Maria. The story is based on an old Celtic Faerie tale and tells the story of the friendship between the Sun and the Sea.


The Sun & The Sea


The Sun and the beautiful blue Sea were very good friends, and the Sun stayed near the hills so as to be close to her

We approached Loch of Shining Waters and asked for their help in turning our work into an eBook, which they were happy to do. They were also pleased that we have allowed our work to be released under a Creative Commons Licence, giving others the freedom to download for personal and non-profit usage, to share the work, and to remix, edit, and adapt the work for other projects.


The Sun and The Sea – Front Cover

This illustrated short story is free to download and distribute, and is easily viewable on media devices (iPad, Android, Kindle) and easily printed at A4 size. TheSun&TheSea-pdf

You can also download from:

To view the Creative Commons Licence

To read the story on-line: The Sun & The Sea

The meaning of Anam Cara: Anam Cara & The Celtic Spirit

Anam is Gaelic for Soul and Cara is the word for Friendship, meaning “Soul Friend” or “Spirit Friend.”

We would love to hear feedback, was the story enjoyable for your kids, would you like to see more eBooks for free, or any other feedback. Please leave your feedback below, thanks.

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