A Story based upon an old Celtic Faerie Story
Retold by Susan Lamb, a Dundonian StoryTeller
Illustrated by Teresa Maria

The Sun & The Sea

Anam Cara the Eternal Friendship

Long ago, nestled in the Celtic hills lived the Sun.
Daily the Sun looked down upon the Earth and the Sea with loving warmth.

The Sun and the beautiful blue Sea were very good friends,
and the Sun stayed near the hills so as to be close to her.

He watched her pass by everyday as she endlessly shaped the Earth,
listening to her waves gently lapping against the shore.

When the Sea felt peaceful, she would stop for a while and be calm.
This made the Sun feel very happy inside and on these days he shone ever so brightly.

One night the Sun felt so sad and lonely, that he began to cry.
He didn’t know how to speak to the Sea and tell her just how much he loved her.

He felt so alone and didn’t have another Sun to talk to as he was the only one.
As he drifted off to sleep, his tears rolled down the hills and into the valleys,
eventually reaching the Sea down below.

The Sea could feel the Suns pain and his cry for help,
his tears told her the story of his love for her.
Whilst the Sun slept the Sea swelled and rose until she was with her dear friend.

She softly whispered to him, speaking in his dreams
“Sun, I am always here with you, loving you so”.
“Your rays of light warm me”.
“Because of you all life grows on Earth and life lives and flows in me too”.
The Sea embraced the Sun soothing and comforting him.

When the Sun awoke, he was higher in the Sky than he had ever been before,
radiant and warm, with a fresh new glow.
As he looked upon the Sea he smiled at her as she travelled far and wide.
Looking down he could see his own reflection in her calm blue waters, reminding him that he is never alone.

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