Title: Sidhe Muse (Spirit of Peace)
Medium: Acrylics
Size: 61×80 cm
Surface: Canvas/Wallhanging

Faerie Races of the Celts

In the beautiful, rugged lands of Scotland and Ireland, there once lived an ancient race, the Sidhe. These elemental beings exist still, deep within our psyche, brought alive in the telling of our myths and legends, extending their vital influence upon our imagination. For centuries, the Sidhe have been with us, living on the edge of our vision, between worlds, perhaps they await still.

A guiding spirit and source of inspiration.

Endless, mystic Celtic knot, no beginnings, no endings,
Timeless nature of Spirit, infinite cycle of rebirth.
Endless strands binding us together, our never-ending cycle of life,
Our personal strand interwoven into the fabric of time.
Inexorably linked with all those who join us in this life and the next,
Each loop individual..inseparable from the whole.

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