St. Andrews Harbour

Whilst researching for this painting, it was interesting to find several photos depicting the scene over the decades.

At one point Victorian terrace houses had sat side-by-side with the cottage, the cottage itself looks like it was a harbour or merchant house complete with stables.

At some point the terraced houses were demolished, I’m sure this was a mistake at the time, it was fashionable to demolish these well-built terraced houses and replace then with dubious, but fashionable concrete blocks, a mistake made throughout the UK.

Years later when this fashion disappeared and collectively we became aware of just how ugly and overall characterless these concrete blocks looked. Plans were made to at least smarten them up, as can be seen in the buildings of today. A transformation achieved by just adding colourful paint.

I love how the ancient ruins dominate the sky-line, but also how  the modern buildings seem to blend successfully with the ruins. The harbour or merchant house continues perhaps being the bridge between the two. I like how all the buildings span across the decades showing us a hint of our history, both architecturally and socially.

I would like to collectively thank the individuals who have taken the photos over the decades. I am unable to contribute acknowledgements to each individual. If you have any objection to me using a photo, please let me know, and I will remove it.

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