By the Lilac Hills

I throughly enjoyed trying out this technique for these little cottages set in a Scottish landscape. The whole painting was experimental for me, (i.e. out-with my normal style), and I was inspired by Will Kemp’s amazing teaching techniques. I will be trying out a few of his videos as I go, and hope to learn new techniques along the way. His work and teaching methods can be found here:- Will Kemp Art School

I’m a slow-painter, and quite careful, using small brushes (depending on what I’m painting), this helped free me up, I started with the palette knife, then moved onto brushes for the finishing touches.

You can see below the blandness of the original photo used, and one of Will’s suggestions is along the lines of turning any photo you want and transforming it into a blaze of colour… or something along those lines 🙂

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