BBC River City

My favourite mosaic commission to date was a commission to create a set of 6 mosaics featuring ships for the BBC Scotland soap drama River City. I first had to create one as a sample before getting the go-ahead. Once this was done and accepted, I had a very tight deadline to producing the other 6. I can honestly say that I think I worked round the clock on them, cut myself several times, and so very glad when finally they were finished! I was invited to view the set of River City, and the design was based on the set of the Tall Ship especially the stained-glass windows.

The mosaics were placed in the Tall Ship in 2004 and remained in place for 8 years, until the story-line of when their was an explosion and fire in the Tall Ship in 2012. I was quite sad to see them go.

I took a whole series of photos of the mosaics in situ, but, unfortunately, I’ve since lost the files due to computer crashes! (A reminder to always back-up important files!)

I’ve also included some photos that I managed to retrieve taken of the set, including one I found online from the River City website.


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