When a friend asked me to paint her horses, I was a touch unsure as I’ve only ever painted one horse before and that was a study of Lucy Kemp-Welch’s painting of  ‘In the Sunset’.

As my favourite artist is Franz Marc, and I love all forms of Expressionism, I decided to continue to work with the bright colours I enjoy using, and hopefully I’ve expressed the flow and freedom of the two horses who obviously share a great friendship.


My version of a painting by Lucy Kemp-Welch, ‘In the Sunset

White Horse

White Horse

A Birth

by James Dickey

Inventing a story with grass,
I find a young horse deep inside it.
I cannot nail wires around him;
My fence posts fail to be solid,

And he is free, strangely, without me.
With his head still browsing the greeness,
He walks slowly out of the pasture
To enter the sun of his story.

My mind freed of its own creature,
I find myself deep in my life
In a room with my child and my mother,
When I feel the sun climbing my shoulder

Change, to include a new horse.

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