The Quarrelsome Kittens

The Quarrelsome Kittens Scots-Doric & Illustrations by Teresa Maria This poem is a part of a current project I am working on, to re-tell old


Normally I like to write my poems in the Doric, this one takes on a different slant. I wanted to express how it feels to

Get On Yer Hoss

Written for a friend Get On Yer Hoss Once upon a time… There wis a wee Scotsman livin’ in the land o’ Oz He did

Bonnie Scotland

Bonnie Scotland Welcome tae bonnie Scotland, land o the wind Tur-bin, Ower by yon bonnie banks an by yon bonny braes, Please jist ignore thon

Doric Ode Tae Wind-Farms

Doric Ode Tae Wind-Farms (Written in response to the destruction of the countryside in my area.) Move aside, get oot the way, Progress is comin’

Dawn Chorus O Mossmorran

On the 11th June 2011 at approx. 3:10am, Mossmorran suffered an ‘incident’ which woke up half the town, as well as several neighbouring towns. The

Doric Poem

A Scots Doric Poem by Alice Reid Ma Wee Doctor’s Book Worry, Worry, Worry. It’s a habit that ah’ve got; When reading through a doctor’s