Art Quilt – Blue Elephant

I love the Indian Elephant wall-hangings, so decided to try one out for myself. The elephant is appliquéd to the blue background. I used Indian

Vintage Shabby Chic Art Quilt

This quilt was made from an old patchwork hippy dress I had stored away. I had found it in a charity shop many years ago,

Art Quilt – Birds

This is the second quilt I made over the winter months, most of it sewn by hand. My sewing machines are all kept in my

Art Quilt – Bird Song

Over the winter months, I worked away at various crafts, I knitted blanket squares, finally making two small woolly blankets for my cats, which they

Art Quilt – Golden Elephant

Really enjoyed making this quilt. I loved the image of the golden elephant and it went well with some old cushion covers I had stashed

Art Quilt – Peacock

The Peacock with its shimmering colours, blues, reds, some wonderful embroidery from India taken from cushion covers, an old boho skirt, a multi-coloured top I

Art Quilt – Spring

It took me ages to complete this art quilt, it has lain there all winter just waiting for those final finishing touches. Finally over a

Art Quilt – Mandala Maze

Mazes and labyrinths… I found that whilst I was creating this quilt, I was thinking about mazes and how the symbolic meaning of the maze

Art Quilt – Batik

The centre-piece of this art quilt is a batik produced by an artist in the Kiwanuka studios. The batiks are produced mainly from the Thika

Patchwork Tote Bag

First Tote Bag My first tote bag is made from fabric scraps & patchwork, very simple pattern. I decided I wanted colour and  for the

Art Quilt – Buddha

Buddha Art Quilt, my latest art quilt, it took quite a while because my trusty, old sewing machine broke down half-way through the process. I’ve

Art Quilts

Girl in Blue Dress & Thai Print The Girl in the Blue Dress is an old painting and was laid away, collecting dust for many