Over the winter months, I worked away at various crafts, I knitted blanket squares, finally making two small woolly blankets for my cats, which they seemed to appreciate, but who can tell with cats!

Then I started on a rag-quilt, my first, which I decided to do totally by hand, enjoyable to start with, before becoming arduous, and how messy! I didn’t realise just how messy it can become, loose threads everywhere! Although I did enjoy it, what I finished up with, isn’t even large enough for a cushion cover. It’s currently hung over a chair, and maybe next winter, I’ll add to it.

I then turned back to my art quilts, but fancied something a bit different and to have a go at appliqué. I treated myself to a lovely book, ‘Stitched Textiles: Birds’, by Rachel Sumner, she is really skilled, and her art quilts are very detailed, lovely! I used one of her projects for the quilt, again I mostly completed it by hand.

I had been attracted to the book by the bird designs, maybe looking forward to the return of the summer inspired me, and an escape from the dismal winter.

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