Golden Elephant Art Quilt

Really enjoyed making this quilt. I loved the image of the golden elephant and it went well with some old cushion covers I had stashed away in my fabric bags. I cut up an old scarf and appliqued some of the glimmering attachments.

The embroidery in the panels is superb and I lay no claim to them whatsoever, this work is done in India by very skilled seamsters, the skills being passed down from generation to generation. As far as I know, the materials are gathered from discarded sari’s, etc, and re-worked into embroidered panels and then made up into various items, cushion covers, quilts, wall-hangers, etc. My only work here was to hand-sew the panels into a design that appealed to me and then use binding to hold it all together.

All of my quilts have a backing and the finished piece is sewn up with binding and hung with bamboo rod.

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