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First Tote Bag

My first tote bag is made from fabric scraps & patchwork, very simple pattern. I decided I wanted colour and  for the bag to be lined. Was it difficult, yes! A natural sewer would have made it within a day or much less, but for myself it was a labour of three weeks! Hours of concentration, and I still didn’t understand the instructions for turning the bag inside out and feeding the straps through, so ended up sewing the handles inside the completed bag. Found a great ‘how to’ video where the lady in question made up the bag in 20 minutes flat.

I hated sewing at school, the lessons were dry, boring, no creativity involved and my mind just switched off, and I learned nothing. Now I look at the talented people who can make their own clothes and marvel at their skills. Whereas I can only struggle to get to grips with a simple bag.

Does anybody else experience the sheer frustration of trying to sew and work out how pieces of material are pieced together, literally, my hair stands up on end! Though I secretly enjoyed the challenge and found myself watching realms of sewing videos and enjoying them!

Anyway, first tote bag, and hopefully I’m feeling inspired enough to make a few more. And yes, that is the Charles Bridge in Prague.