Buddha Art Quilt, my latest art quilt, it took quite a while because my trusty, old sewing machine broke down half-way through the process. I’ve tried to fix it to no avail, although I won’t give up, as almost ALL Singer sewing-machines are fixable, sturdy, made to last, tough machines that they are. Anyway, the old 1912 has taken a wee trip to a local primary school for a couple of months where she is currently on display to let the wee Primary 1 children see the various stages of sewing machine development.

In the meantime, meet my new machine, a gorgeous 1945 Singer hand-crank. More robust and bulkier than the 1912, and has a lovely bird motif, which I like.

Singer sewing Machine, 1945

Singer sewing Machine, 1945

Copy of SingerBirdMotif

Although perhaps us Singer sewing machine geeks won’t admit to it, we do (mostly) personalise our machines… and I do refer to them as ‘She’… …and sad to admit, but ‘She’ does have a name!

This latest quilt is an acrylic painting on canvas, materials consist of an old Indian-style top I had, a nice bit of fabric from an Edinburgh charity shop… and various ribbon I have collected. The back is lined with ‘vintage’ curtain. Size is approx. 18 in by 25 in, (26 in with tabs.)

I recently came across a ‘new-to-me’ saying of ‘up-cycled’ and ‘re-purposed’ which is seemingly replacing the word, ‘re-cycled’.

Personally, I just like to re-use what fabrics I can, I enjoy looking out for those special ‘finds’ of discarded fabrics.

Singer Sewing Machine 1912

My Old Singer Sewing Machine 1912


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