Dance of Bliss

Dance of Bliss

Madhubani Paintings are a beautiful form of traditional Indian art originating from Mithila. Madhubani literally translates into “forests of honey.” They often depict scenes from Hindu mythology,  creating colourful interpretations of Gods and Goddesses, animals, birds, flowers and a love of Nature. The paintings were used for every occasion, celebrations, festivals, weddings, birth, death, all depicting a visual story-telling of Life.

The paintings were traditionally applied on the freshly plastered mud walls and floors of huts. This art has extended throughout the decades to become an art form to be found on canvas, cloth in the form of batik, pottery, indeed anything on which the artist is inspired to express this wonderful art form.

The paintings are eye-catching, bright and colourful with the colours originally being produced by natural dyes derived from plants and natural substances. Normally the paintings use a border which can also be highly decorative.

The art form has been passed down from generation to generation and is an absolute delight to view. My own exploration of the art has only just been awakened, I happened to come across this art form only recently and was blown-away by the sheer vibrancy of the work. It is just so expressive and the colours are fantastic. Ink drawings are also very popular in the use of card-making and scrolls.

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A site I felt which was helpful to me to understand this art form more is:

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