Welcome to Crystal Galleries

the beginning…

Due to technical difficulties my site crashed and I lost all content, 3 years work gone in an instant! I felt as though I had lost a friend, a daily companion, so much work had been done. A web-site feels like a work of art, the artist works on it, builds it into their own unique creation, and to lose it felt like losing a piece of art, so personal. Best to walk away, sleep on it, which is what I did. In the morning I had reached the decision to ‘let go’ what had been and quite simply start from scratch. So here again is a beginning…

Over the next few weeks, I’ll (hopefully) rebuild the site…here and there I have rough drafts of some of my original Posts, and these I may use to re-Post some of the original content. My apologies to returning visitors who are looking for an original Post, only to find it has disappeared into the ether forever.

I’m looking forward to re-organising and improving on the original site I had. Also providing more updates on my art and latest works.

I hope you will take the time to look through my art, and please feel free to leave your comments, constructive criticisms, and any other feedback you may have, thank you.

The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.